Bring Your Bath Back to Life With Tub Refinishing

Bring Your Bath Back to Life With Tub Refinishing

Techni Finish will clean your tub better than you ever thought possible

Techni Finish wants you to be happy with your newly restored bathtub. Our owner and sole contractor Leo partners with you to discover exactly what you want in your bathtub restoration.

Leo's supplier offers a wide range of colors, so you can choose the one that best matches your bathroom and your preference. He also works quickly to limit the amount of time you need to be away for the restoration process.

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Our detailed tub restoration process

Every bathtub restoration project is unique, and Techni Finish strives to do it right no matter what. A few steps in the process include:

  • Using three coats of primer on the surface of the tub
  • Using any color you wish to brighten up the tub
  • Using five coats of top coat to seal in the color

Leo strives to make no mess and leave no mess when performing bathtub restorations. When the project is done, your bathroom will look like new.

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