Safely Restore Your Cherished Antique Bathtub

Safely Restore Your Cherished Antique Bathtub

Trust the pro with decades of experience in antique restoration

Techni Finish knows that your antiques are special pieces of history that you need preserved. Leo brings expert restoration talent to every project, offering you peace of mind that your favorite fixtures will be well cleaned and preserved.

Speak to Leo today about your every antique refinishing need.

Our detailed and delicate process

Leo has the skills to restore your antiques to perfection. With decades of experience, there's nothing he can't do. On the outside of your antique tub, Leo will:

  • Sand down the surface to the bare metal
  • Apply a rust-preventive coating
  • Layer on primer, along with up to 10 coats of color

On the inside, Leo will:

  • Clean and repair any dirty or broken areas
  • Apply three coats of primer and three coats of top coat
  • Sand down the new surface to a smooth finish
  • Repeat the process multiple times for a beautiful finish

Call Techni Finish today to get your favorite antiques restored to their original beauty.