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Antique Tubs Refinishing Lafayette LA

Antique clawfoot tubs come to our location and are repaired, sanded, primed, painted, and sealed.

Antique Stove Refurbishing

Recolored and added a little detail to this stove.

Bathroom Sink Remodeling

Updated color on the bathroom sink.

Bathtub Recolor

New color on a garden tub. Ready to use again in 24 hours.

Laundry Sink Refinishing

Repaired chips and deep scratches as well as multiple coats of primer, paint, and sealer.

Shower Refinishing

Recolor of tiled shower.

Shower Recolor

Every fixture and surrounding walls are masked off and no mess is made or left.

Tile Recolor

Out of date blue colored tile.

Tile Recolor

Repainted colored tile for a more updated look. No need for any demolition.

Shower Refinish Recolor

Before of a shower recolor.

Shower Refinish Recolor

Masked off and looking like new.

Tub Enclosure Refinish Recolor

Before of a tub enclosure that was deep cleaned before any work (including sanding, priming, paint, and sealer) was started.

Tub Enclosure Refinish Recolor

No demolition needed. Looking brand new and ready for use.

Enclosed Shower Recolor

Needing a refreshed and updated color?

Enclosed Shower Recolor

Ventilation set up through out home, completed same day, ready to use in 24 hours, AND an unconditional 7 year guarantee.

Enclosed Shower Recolor

Old color needing a boost.

Enclosed Shower Recolor

After with a fresh bright color.

Kitchen Sink Remodel Refinish Recolor

Kitchen sink in bad shape.

Kitchen Sink Remodel Refinish Recolor

Remodeled, repaired, and refinished. Like brand new, with a 7 year unconditional guarantee.