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Shine Up Your Shower With Professional Shower Refinishing

Enjoy a shower that looks like new

If you've been considering restoring your shower, don't' take the project on yourself. There's no better option than Techni Finish. Leo can restore your shower to make it look amazing, just like it did when you first bought your house.

Leo has been doing shower restorations for decades and brings all the tools and materials necessary to do the job right. Don't waste time with basic cleanings when you can have Techni Finish do the job quickly and do it within your budget.

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How Techni Finish cleans your shower from top to bottom

How Techni Finish cleans your shower from top to bottom

For shower restorations, Leo uses the same process as bathtub restoration projects. Some aspects of the job include:

  • Using high-quality primers that preserve the surface
  • Using coatings from Leo's trusted supplier of 26 years
  • Using a fume exhauster to clear the air afterward

Leo stands by his work. If there's something he cannot fix after the job is done, he will redo the project free of charge.

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